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What is NetForce 365 ?


NetForce 365 is a young, dynamic startup specializing in Microsoft 365 technologies. We focus in particular on the areas of PowerPlatform and Dynamics 365 CRM from the Microsoft product family.

With these technologies, we build state-of-the-art news and information portals that represent the latest state of the art in security, reliability, accessibility and speed.


Worldwide availability based on Microsoft 365 technologies

Keyword Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be found in just about any ad copy these days. But with us, it’s more than just a good-sounding buzzword: We use the latest technologies and AI algorithms to enable automated text recognition and news aggregation without editors. This makes it possible for startups to provide a large amount of high-quality content on their own news portal in a short time.

But the use of AI doesn’t stop there: We also use artificial intelligence to target content groups. On the one hand, we can assign articles and content to specific topics and groups, and on the other hand, we can present visitors to the news portals with precisely the content and topics that interest them.

Technology - Microsoft 365 and Azure

To offer these modern solutions, we build on the solid foundation of the Microsoft 365 solution Dynamics 365 CRM and complement it with developments in React, Next.js and C#.

This way, the complete back-end of the news portal can be mapped in the Dynamics 365 CRM solution and PowerPlatform. We also offer ready-made Next.js / React solutions for the front-end to provide all the components of modern information portals.

We offer complete solutions for news (News Center), event databases, product databases, knowledge base and many more.

Building portals witch Microsoft 365 technologies
Team using Microsoft 365 technologies

Who we are?

The founders already have several years of experience in various M365 business projects. They have implemented projects with Microsoft 365 technologies for various customers from business and the public sector. All three founders have already worked for well-known companies and were able to gain experience in large and demanding business and software projects.

We are so convinced of our portals that we have started one ourselves:  HubSite365

Here Microsoft 365 enthusiasts, project managers, developers and all other interested parties will find the latest news, the most important events from the Microsoft 365 cosmos and high-quality knowledge articles. 

Through our audience targeting, visitors can directly find the information they are interested in, and for content creators and publishers we offer the possibility to distribute their content targeted to the desired audience. 

Our dashboard provides information about the most important current information about Microsoft 365: service health status, innovations, content from the Microsoft roadmap with version history and much more! 

Building portals witch Microsoft 365 technologies

Artificial Intelligence

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